Sunday 7-6-14 The message in being

“The sun does not teach anything, but in its light we learn to know all things. The sun does not cultivate the soil nor does it sow seed, but it helps the plants to grow, to flower, and to bear fruit.”  ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Happy Sunday!

I have been looking for the words to speak to express to those closest to me who I am now also, my mind is always considering what words I might say that might have an impact on them.  I envision that I am able to express some wisdom that will shake my loved one to their core and they will wake up from the dream of materialism.  Is this at all possible?
I have been thinking a lot about how to find the words to speak.  I imagine that there will be hard conversations; that a time will come that I will need to defend my self, defend what I have found to be Truth that is not visible to others.  These conversations are played out in my mind and yet I find that I can not resolve them.  How do I help them to understand?
My thoughts were active on this concern this morning when guidance came from the daily message from Hazrat Khan:
“It is the message that proves the messenger, not the claim.”  Bowl of Saki, July 6, by Hazrat Inayat Khan
I realized that the message is not of the mind and yet I was trying to use the thoughts of my mind to express what cannot be comprehended there.  The knowing that I want to share is from a different place with its own language.
The other place has been described in various ways. Jesus said it was the Kingdom of God within.  I’ve heard spiritual teachers call it the connection to Source.  The connection point within all of us is at our heart.
I believe we all know this is so because we have all experienced the opening of the heart when we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable.  Brene’ Brown told a story on “Lifeclass” that she needed the American Sign Language presenters to come up with a symbol for the word vulnerability if they were going to be able to present her lecture.  The symbol they resolved on was the hands at the heart, opening, moving outward to show the action of an opening heart.
I am the resident of a new place and I speak with a new language, it is the language of the heart for this is where the message can be heard.  If two lovers from different lands meet, they may not speak the same language of words but they still can understand the feelings of love that they are feeling for the other.
The heart can speak and be heard without the need for reasoning of the mind therefore, my spending time thinking about how to explain this that I feel is a waste of time.  The message is in my being, it is what I am able to bring from my heart to others.  I know that if words are to be spoken that they will come from my heart as they are required.
“Let go and let God”
I will close with Psalm 46:10, I just read that the translation from Hebrew for “be still” is to surrender.  So I will let my mind rest and be faithful.  My message will come from my intention of Loving, from there I release it to the will of my Source and of my brother.
“Be still and know I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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