Sunday 1-26-14 Do you believe in magic?

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” ~ Albert Einstein

Happy Sunday!

For some time now the use of the word magic in ACIM has confused me but I have just kept moving forward and let my discomfort with it continue. I have been confused as along my journey have been many teachings such as the law of attraction, shown on TV and in books, promoting the process of asking for, focusing, and take action toward your dream and that it will come true. These media sources tell of many people’s stories of obtaining success, and of gaining material rewards as well, through positive attitude processes and having faith. I want to believe magic is possible but have been torn by ACIM’s statements of magic being beneath miracle.
Today I recognize that I can no longer move forward learning without clarifying for myself this issue of magic versus miracle. I am currently on the lesson in “the Manual for Teachers” about dealing with magic thoughts; I read the lesson yesterday and just felt that my confusion was impacting my learning. I don’t understand what the lesson means with its use of the word magic. Also, as I contemplate my feelings, I realized it makes me uncomfortable because as ACIM acknowledges the existence of magic my rational brain says that if there is no magic there must be a problem with the whole of the teachings in ACIM.
I have a problem with fully discounting there being magic in the world after reading “the Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogi described in his book many guru’s in India that he encountered in his life that were able to able to perform acts of magic as well as miracles.
If there is magic in the world, is this not also a gift from God?
I decided to look for some clarification on the web and first went to my usual ACIM site Pathways of Light for insight from teachers and students. The site gave the following:
How does the Course define ‘magic’:
The Course defines magic as the attempt to make something in the physical world to be the cure for body ailments. The truth is that unconscious guilt for desiring to be separate from God is the cause of physical ailments and releasing guilt by accepting the truth of our innocence is the real cure.
For me this definition just side stepped what we think of as magic in the world – Walt Disney, Harry Potter, wizard sort of magic and went for healing of the body. So I had more to reflect on – were we to become fundamentalists and turn away from medical aid?
No, I thought, we are to use tools given us; our brothers have gifts meant to help us as their contribution in this world. We can personally evaluate what treatment methods seem right for us and what ones seem wrong and then choose.
I also thought that to balance with what ACIM is saying, all healing methods should always include prayer as it has been proven to increase the bodies ability to heal. I wondered how many doctors and nurses pray as they care for us, their patients, thereby invoking the sacred into their daily effort. I pray continually at my work, perhaps others do as well and God is in all of our efforts without society wanting to acknowledge it.
I did a bit more web surfing and actually found discussion boards with member arguing on just the issue I was having with ACIM and its use of the word magic. There was one man who was totally bashing the manual as he felt it was trying to discount that there was magic in the world. Another responder said that ACIM actually doesn’t define magic but just says that its use will not get you what you want.
So where am I now with this reflection on magic? All things are possible in God!
I think the best understanding I received this today on magic was from recalling scenes from watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows last night. In one of the final scenes Harry is left with the Elder Wand, said to be the most power full magic wand ever known. Voldemort, his nemesis, tried to use the wand against Harry but was defeated by Harry (with assistance from others with conviction in the cause). When asked by his friends what he would do with the wand, Ron making reference to the power they would hold, Harry broke the wand and through it into the chasm. Here was the difference between miracle and magic. Harry had held onto Love to face death and return to life (miracle!) to create a new world for all; Voldemort had used just magic to avoid death and then death is what he got.
Another reflection on the movie is when Harry had held the powerful resurrection stone in his hand and was then surrounded by his loved ones who had passed. He was about to go meet Voldemort and be murdered. I wondered why, as I watched the film, he dropped the stone and went forward on his own without the apparitions of his loved ones with him for support. Now I know the symbolism, he didn’t need the magic to know the Love that was with him.
So maybe I am a little crazy for reflecting on magic for two days. I felt uncomfortable so I asked for understanding. Can we manifest what we what we want here on Earth? I think yes. We just need to be conscious if we are using our power for soul growth or external benefit. Are we being co-creators of a benevolent world?
“Miracles bear witness to truth. They are convincing because they arise from conviction. Without conviction they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless and therefore destructive; or rather; the uncreative use of the mind.” – Ch.1, Meaning of Miracles #14.

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