Sunday 11-3-13 From the Heart

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Sunday!

This has been one of those weekends where the subject of what I was going to write about was not evident to me.  The week was a typical busy one at work; I kept to my morning and night time reading and prayers but no topic or lesson showed itself.  I gave a thought to a topic on Friday evening but no ideas rose up.
On Saturday morning I wanted to get a start on this writing so I started ‘googling’ some thoughts I was having and ended up in Youtube looking at a conference by Gregg Braden.  It was a nearly 4 hour taping of a conference he did in 2007 about The Divine Matrix and Secret Ancient Knowledge.  At first I was hesitant to watch it as it was so long but it caught  me in the first few minutes so I broke up my watching throughout the day (even watching it as I did yoga, something I haven’t done before).  It was excellent, bringing together so much wisdom that I had previously gained from many other teachers to explain the whys and hows of our energy field, healing, and prayer.
In the first half of the lecture about the Divine Matrix, Gregg presenting scientific findings of the last 100 years in physics and biology that have revealed that we as conscious beings effect quantum particles and thereby the physical world.  The science showed that the heart is the energy center of the body, that our personal energy field from our heart connects us with others in community, and connects us to the universe.  We experience this energy field as our feelings – those experiences that hit us right in the heart.
In the second half of the conference, Gregg spoke about ancient wisdom from his travels to find ancient spiritual texts.  He took on the traveling because Gregg asked the question, that now that we know we have this field of energy connecting us to everything, “how do we use it?”  He felt that ancient sacred cultures knew this so he wanted to research the ancient scriptures for himself.  He went to Tibet to ancient monasteries where centuries of documents are stored and where monks are still taught the ancient knowledge.  When Gregg asked the Abbot about prayer he was told that prayer was not words but feeling in the heart.   Here was the correlation to the science that energy focused from the heart manifests, we know this as prayer.  Gregg also researched the Coptic and Gnostic Gospels and found Jesus taught prayer also as feelings from the heart instead of words in the mind.
Finally Gregg told of his experience with a Native American friend who prayed for rain during a drought.  Gregg expected dancing and chanting but observed prayer.  When he asked his friend about the prayer he was told that the prayer involved imagining the rain was present; and feelings of gratitude for the presence of the rain sent to God.
There were so many wonderful insights in this conference by Gregg Braden that I hope all of you who read this take the time to watch the lecture.  I have just written about what I feel relates to this morning’s inspiration.
I started out this morning not expecting to write about the lecture I saw yesterday, the topic and insights were just so broad and so many; I was left with no direction for this writing today.  I hoped that my morning emails and readings would bring some inspiration but they didn’t.  Even Joel Osteen this morning didn’t bring me an obvious inspiration; he just brought more support for choosing to live positively to create what you want in your life.  He turned around the negative sentiment “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “you have to believe it first before you can see it”.  This did end up giving me some direction on where to look by making me think about the ‘law of attraction’.
Finally after not getting inspiration for this writing from my usual sources I decided to read my own posts from a few weeks ago as I was seeing much of this information pointing me to the “law of attraction” that I had written about in September.   As I read through my writings I became inspired.  What I was seeing in what I wrote was the evolution of my own heart opening to accept others.
In September I wrote on the law of attraction and my hesitation in accepting it as a tool to benefit us in this life. Joel helped me by saying that God would not put a dream in our heart without giving us the tools to manifest our dream!
In October I wrote in “Grace under fire” and “Breakthrough” about struggles between my head and my heart, my battles to keep my head from over analyzing my actions and to let go of judgement to find the love in the actions of others.  I wrote about ACIM lessons on letting go of wanting specialness for myself.  And then last week’s writing on unconditional love, accepting people where they are, sowing seeds of love, and having faith that they will heal when they are ready.
I am boldly acknowledging today that during Gregg’s lecture yesterday I was able to recognize my own ability to live from my heart.  It seems prideful to me to say but on reflection this was something I was recognizing through out the past week.
I wrote last week how politics can get me upset so with Election Day this week this would usually be a frustrating time for me.  This past week I found myself able to use my heart to observe others behaviors that differ from mine and be patient and considerate of their perspective.  I have found my self praying for those I oppose and thinking optimistically about when they may come into their own awakening, I have faith that it will happen for all of us.  As my quote from ACIM said last week “Forget not that the healing of God’s Son is all the world is for. That is the only purpose the Holy Spirit sees in it, and thus the only one it has.”  (I am not talking about anyone changing political parties, I am talking about awareness of Love for one another over fear and want for power.)
I think I have arrived home, taking up residence in my heart.  It is where I have found courage.  It is how I see the light in others.  It is from where I speak with integrity.  It is from where I use my mind to have compassion for others, consider their perspective, and find acceptance.  It is where I share my Love with the World and know that I am never alone.
“the divine light in me honors the divine light in you”

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