Today in Prayer

Today in prayer I blessed the tree outside my window. 
Together we asked the other tall ones in my garden to join us in our prayer. 
Our group extended an invitation to the nearby mountain.
The mountain extended our view to the ocean. 
The ocean’s reach stretched us us out so we quickly joined with the continent. 
Our group extended north and south to the poles so we swept our light to join all of the earth.
We encompassed Mother Earth and she us. 
Her view directed us to our Sun causing me some hesitation, my not being certain of the power before me. 
I was reassured by her so we extended our reach to our great provider.
The solar wind shook me. 
I felt the great energy pushing my body and throwing back my hair as if I stood within a hurricane. 
I looked for a friend and extended my hand to my brother the Moon.
Holding on, we stood together within the power of the Master. 
We felt His powerful Grace flow through us, out past the planets, reaching far into the cosmos. 
I said enough.
I left my beloveds. 
I am returned to my bed, here seated, with my hands in prayer feeling gratitude for the blessings of All. 
Thank you, my Lord, for the awareness given today of a Master’s awesomeness.


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