Sunday 9-1-13 ~ I am Woman.

Happy Sunday!

I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
But I’m still an embryo
With a long long way to go
Until I make my brother understand
 ~ Helen Ready and Ray Burton.

I have been playing the song “I am woman” in my head all week.  It’s there giving me my rhythm as I climb stairs, walk through my day, and observe all the beautiful women in my life.  I am an observer of the feminine, taking what I observe to reflect on what that term  “female energy” means.
This is what I know from many sources that I have read: all systems are to contain female and male energy to be in balance.  This is the basis of Tao, yin and yang. I think of it as a balance scale with weights on both sides, if one side is weighted more than the other then the scale is out of balance.  Women are not all female energy and men all male, the sexes contain both; we just may bring a majority of one type to a relationship or society.
Female energy is about being and male energy about doing.
This is the simple definition I have formulated from things I have read.  I don’t feel I fully understand this so I am always reflecting on it. The excerpt below is from a Jeshua Channeling and the basis for my reflection:
“First Iwould like to say something about the nature of themale and female.  These energies are two aspects of the One.  They therefore are not really opposed or dualistic, the are one; they are two faces of one energy.
“The male energy is the aspect that is outwardly focused. It is that part of God or Spirit that drives outward manifestation, that makes Spirit materialize and take form. The male energy therefore knows a strong creative force. It is natural to the male energy to be highly focused and goal-oriented. In this manner the male energy creates individuality. The male energy allows you to separate yourself from the One, from the Whole and to stand alone and be a specific individual.
“The female energy is the energy of Home. It is the energy of the Primal Source, the flowing Light, pure Being. It is the energy that has not yet manifested, the inner aspect of things. The female energy is all encompassing and oceanic; it does not differentiate or individualize.”
Many spiritual teachers are saying this time of transition that we are in is about the female energy rising as male energy has dominated for many millennia.  This is why I am interested in observing the energies – I want to see the change.
Are we moving from a time of separation and individual power to a time of community and recognizing we are all connected and need to share what the Earth provides?
I do see the change in many spiritual teachers promoting female ideals in society.  Marianne Williamson has a political movement now called “Sister Giant” where she is having conversations that concern women, most related to care of our children and our future, like education, high incarceration rates, guns and violence.  Her goal is to educate and support women so that they enter the political arena bringing the issues that are important to women.
I follow a couple international petition sites like and see much success from petitions about abuses to women making foreign governments change their treatment of women.  A story this week was of a Norwegian woman who was raped in Dubai; she reported the crime to the police and she was jailed for extra-marital-sex!  An Avaaz member started an online petition that got thousands of signatures from people around the world which prompted media attention and then the attention of the governments of Norway and Dubai.  The woman was released from jail in a few days.
I feel a change in my self.
I had an experience this week at our local bar.  Peter and I go each Thursday for happy hour drinks just to have some time out with each other.  We started doing this back in the winter time when, before finding this local bar, we used to think that it would be nice to have a local Pub like they do in England.  A British Pub is a place that is part of the community where everyone feels comfortable to visit, has fun, and connects with events in the community.  Well this local bar we go to has that feel.  It is owned and run by women and feels welcoming.
The other night a scruffy looking man was sitting next to me at the bar.  Our barmaid Kim was busy moving around the bar and this man was attempting to flirt with her in a crude manner.  She moved past us to serve other customers and the man turned to me and started to speak to me about his portrayal of Kim.  Well I had already decided in my mind that his behavior was not OK in my ‘local’ and I was going to let him know.  He never got his inappropriate thoughts out instead he stumbled on his words sensing my energy of non-acceptance.  I was proud of myself, I didn’t have to take action but I was ready, I knew I had the right to defend my space for myself and my community.
This is what needs to change is society and politics, women speaking up for what we feel is important.  Safe and secure spaces for us and our children that can be accomplished without weapons and powerful leadership but by communities speaking up and caring enough to take care of their own people.
This week ended with my attending a family wedding.  Some of the children were there and they were such fun to watch on the dance floor.  A request was made of the DJ for a Disney princess song and my three great-nieces, ages 6-4, were alone on the dance floor, lost for 3 minutes in the glory of feeling the princess inside their souls.  They were so beautiful; I am crying again writing this, thinking of how they twirled and pranced, feeling totally free, each of their souls just shining.
I thought if these girls could just grow up always knowing their beauty and power and if all of society could feel as I did, that I would do anything to let them just be who they are.

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  1. Today Mastin Kipp posted the following on his blog ‘The Daily Love”:
    “You are not the creator of your life, you are the “CO”-creator of you life. What’s that mean? It means that 49% of how your life turns out is up to you and 51% of how your life turns out is on The Uni-verse.
    Think of it like this: work like it depends on you; pray like it depends on the Uni-verse.”
    Perhaps this is being and doing, the individual and the whole working together?

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