Sunday 2-3-13 Will I do it?

Happy Sunday!

Writing has been on my mind this week.  I have had the idea for a while to start a blog.  I even came up with a title and premise.  I want to call it “Happy Sunday” and provide weekly updates on my spiritual journey each week.
So I have this drive to do the blog but at the same time I have my doubts.  Who would be interested?  Will what I write make any sense to people?
This week I decided to take some action toward writing.  Maybe if I acknowledge that I am a novice at writing at least I can take some action in the direction of writing.  I read some advice on creating a blog – rules you should know about plagarism, keeping it interesting, and getting readers.  One guideline that I have been thinking about is “what is my purpose for doing the blog?  That’s a bit tough as my reason is that I might teach or provide a service to others.  I can’t help but feel that it is really what my ego really wants me to think.  Considering my lessons of last week about ego, am I going to record my own life lessons so I can then tell others to see what I have learned or done and learn from me?  Am I expecting more quick fixes of just read page ‘blah-blah’ of my blog and it will solve all your problems?
The blog guidelines spoke of needing to follow other blogs and be active in making comments and refering people back my own blog.  I didn’t feel like I wanted to make this investment.
So what is the purpose of my blog?  Is it enough to just write what I am interested to record for my own purposes my thoughts and the work on my journey.  Then why bother posting it – just keep it as my own journal.  Why am I compelled?  Holy Spirit I am looking for guidance.
I know the answer will come but in the meantime I am going to write each Sunday.  I’ll keep preparing.  I have begun reading books on improving my writing abilities.  I have thought about setting a launch date but without a clear purpose I am hesitant.
2-4 postscript – quote from the closing of Brene Brown’s TED talk on shame, If you think you can wait to enter the arena when you are not vulnerable it won’t happen, and people don’t want you that way.

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