Sunday 2-17-13 – My Room

Happy Sunday!

Today I am grateful that I have my own room.  The three year long attic project is finally finished opening up a spare room in my home.  About half way through that project I came to realize that we would have a spare room.  Last year, in the throws of my spiritual launch, I began envisioning this room as my personal space.  I began calling it my ‘being room’ – a place for yoga, meditation, creativity in writing, sewing, and craft projects.
Recently I have been doing coursework with Caroline Myss on my relationship with God.  (her book Entering the Castle).  I have been postponing continuing the work to have my own space to open myself up to converse with God.  I have also viewed the room as important after reading on the Daily Love, Mastin Kipp saying how having two desks has helped him to focus on his writing, separating his workspaces for social media from his writing workspace.  In my room I want to keep my laptop at the ready to write.
Peter and I share our bedroom, it is lovely and decorated how I like it but it is not souly mine.  The decisions I made about the space, although they were my choices, always included consideration for him.  That is our place to be together, who I am as wife; its a title that puts expectations and restrictions on my whole self.
Now I have my own space and within it my spirit feels light.   I have worked hard over the last month to get it ready.  I have been taking vacation time off from work giving this project priority over my daily activities.
Yesterday I moved my things into my room.  My seasonal clothes from my son’s room.  My sewing stuff from under a table in the dining room.  All the keepsakes on my desk and under my bed.
The room is yellow, my favorite color for my spaces.  I put a flowery pink duvet cover on the bed.  After all the cleaning and organizing I carried up my laptop and put it on my desk.
It was late afternoon when I had finished and when I realized I hadn’t read my ACIM for the day.  I went into my bedroom to do the reading as usual but thought, I should take it into ‘my room’.  I had just finished making the bed and arranging the pillows just so, at the time not thinking that anyone but the cats would be using the bed.  I initially sat on the edge of the bed to read like it wasn’t mine.  Instinct took over and I laid back lounging in my room – now that is what being is all about.
This Sunday morning the practice that I have envisioned for weeks came to pass.  My yoga mat entered the room.  The bright winter sun was shining through the east facing window.  My ACIM still sat on the small table next to the bed along with my reading glasses.  I lounged back in the bed and read my lesson.  Lying there I thought that I should say a blessing for my room.  As I stood up I felt it right to leave my ACIM to the page of my lesson.  This action felt good as for months in my bedroom I share with P I have turned the book over to hide the cover.  I think this was due to fear of having to explain the course to him and him thinking I was looney, or perhaps it is the fear that spirituality will come between us.  I felt secure in ‘my room’ leaving the book open like I was leaving my soul open.
Next I stood on my yoga mat facing the sun and prayed with gratitude for my room.  I asked that the room be an aid in evolving my spiritual being; that I not get so attached to the room as to be fearful to leave it taking with me what I had learned; and that I go out into the world with love and compassion.
I had the wonderful yoga practice I had envisioned with the morning sun shining down on me.  In tree pose I enjoyed mirroring those mighty beings outside my window.  The experience was lovely.
As I left my room I said Namaste to the Universe.

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