Sunday 2-10-13 – On Intuition

Happy Sunday!

Another Sunday is here and earlier in the day I wondered what I would write about.  I hadn’t had any of those great “A-Ha’s” I love and I wasn’t working through any major issues this week that caused a break through.  Life has been peaceful and lovely.  But a theme has somewhat emerged today from discussions and OWN programming; I think I should be writing about intuition.
Two weeks ago I wrote about Caroline Myss saying that we all have intuition and all we need is self esteem to realize it and empower ourselves with it.  I recognize now that even though I went through most of my life not feeling worthy I did tend to follow my intuition.  I see that I also have strong faith that things will work out for the best.  (It helps to also perceive the good in all things).
Last Sunday when driving to see Mom I made the point of speaking with my son about trusting his own intuition to guide his life.  He is not yet 18 so I am hoping that all my opportunities for teaching him have not past.  In my thoughts about intuition I was feeling some regret that I missed the opportunity to instill in my sons trusting their own inner voice.  When they were young I didn’t believe in angels.  I was taught of the Holy Trinity so I couldn’t see why anything else was necessary.  Why not go right to the top?  (Even Jesus and the Holy Spirit were skipped in my prayers.)  I now think teaching children about having a guardian angel is important.  To learn to trust that voice you hear and feel inside is wonderful; and knowing that it is there with you holding the best intention for your life, priceless.  How great would it be to grow up knowing the universe is on your side whether you evolve to know the inner voice as your own or as angels, dearly departed, or spirit guides.  Any of these ideas would just give the sense of never being on your own and to have trust and faith in yourself.  Perhaps this is the foundation of self-esteem.

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