About me

2012-11-13 19.22.52xWelcome Friends!

July 29, 2023 update. A brief update as some minor changes come to the site. I’ve been writing poetry lately so I wanted to organize the few older poems, that per put on pages, with the 2023 ones that have been published as posts.

I’m expanding.
July 1, 2015.  I am updating my site to bring in more categories of work that I want to share.  As I move toward my goal of authorship I want this site to aid in my creating conversations with you, who also may have interests like mine.  I want to share my realizations and lessons learned as I work my way through finishing my first novel.  I have my own journey of healing and maintaining well-being in my body that perhaps you might find interesting.  I hope to share my thoughts on relationships.
So many ideas are coming to me that today I expanded the site to have it ready for the inspirations that say to me “Share this today Tricia!”

About my Happy Sunday blog. 

Updated July 29, 2023. Just prior to my 49th birthday I began a journey of discovery about my self. I have found that by looking inward I find the joy and happiness I have longed for all my life. My experiences on my journey to my spirit have brought me so much love that I now feel it overflows so that I gladly give it to those around me.
I felt inspired to start this blog to share experiences and insights that have transformed my life. My hope is that others may also gain awareness of their Divine selves or at least start asking their own questions.
My Sunday practices are the way I recharge myself by doing the things I love. They may include meditation, journaling, yoga, or walks. I still get excited when I am inspired to reflect and write on a Sunday morning but I don’t pressure myself to perform. With a daily practice of A Course in Miracles, inspiration can come everyday and anytime.
I hope this never changes … Sunday has become the sacred day of the week for me. It strengthens my connection with my true self and with my Lord helping me to carry LOVE through my week and see others through the eyes of LOVE.
Making each Sunday a sacred day brings me peace.

A short Bio

Updated July 29, 2023. I am a wife, mother of two adults, and a new grandmother. I have my Mom, my sister, and four brothers all with their partners and children.  I also have my dad and one sister who have passed on ahead.
I retired from my profession as an engineer working on site and road design for a government agency. I love my two cats (and those that passed on) as well as gardening. I live in a home that is over 100 years old that my husband and I have been renovating for the last 30 years. Our home is in a small urban town in central New Jersey. We have family in England and travel to the south coast regularly.