ACIM Lesson 365 notes.

This Holy Instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.


Tomorrow, we begin again … with lessons that question how we see. Has 2023 changed how I see the world?

Yes. Today I feel I have changed in my belief that I am alone. I have been guided, healed, supported, blessed, and Loved.

“God goes with me wherever I go.” ~L41

(Right now, the God I am thinking of is the personal faces of God, HS and Christ.)

God for us, we call you Father. 
God alongside us, we call you Jesus. 
God with us, we call you Holy Spirit.
    ~Richard Rohr

I’m feeling a glow for those who are alongside me and flow into my heart.

This year, besides continued growth in Love, I have learned of the presence of my ancestors. They are within my energy field (The Body Code work) and also, surround me to guide me (Ifa/Orisha studies). My entourage goes with me through this life and its experiences. Thank you, All!

I pray that this knowledge helps me to perceive others with new eyes to see their connections that will aid me to show them only loving-kindness. Please bless 2024 in this way. _/\_


This Holy Instant I would give to you.

The word given today is gratitude. How could it be otherwise. I am full.

My heart expands this feeling of pleasure and contentment out into my field.

My ego is at ease, proud of the blog posts the lessons have generated.

My soul feels Love and connection to Source.

My body feel neutral, at ease, nothing to say.

HS says ‘good work’.

All is still.

The peace and joy of God are with me, holy child of God.


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