ACIM Lesson 363 notes.

This Holy Instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.


Now, I keep checking in if HS is with me. I feel the Loving presence and feel grateful.

I asked myself, ‘Do I believe that HS steps back?’

No. It must be me who puts up blocks, or just forgets to be present, myself, in this Holy Instant.

Another thought has risen … as a parent of adult kids, I am continually telling myself to let go. I remind myself that they are adults, and I think about my relationship with my parents at my kids’ ages.

I step back. But, I am at the ready to give support. I will also step forward to say something when I see a potential problem brewing. And then, I step back again.

I have never before thought of HS as a loving parent before now. It makes so much sense.

My mind gave me the thought, ‘be like little children.’ This did not feel right. This thought relates to letting go and following only guidance – to live with no personal desires. Perhaps if I was at a stage where I saw life as a game. I could just play all day and only notice things I was supposed to do when Mommy (HS) called for my attention.

Next came the thought of living in a community. I think this may have some wisdom. This thought is to consider myself as equal with my guides. As an adult equal, my desires can be expressed, and then weighed against the desires of the community. Me, working in cooperation with HS, guides, ancestors, and Love.


For I would follow You.

The Holy Spirit is here with me.

Love is here! I am grateful.

Yesterday, I was typing ACIM lesson notes from last spring to post on my blog. I was not the person then that I am today. Feeling gratitude for what the Course has opened in me this year.

I am blessed.

The moments of knowing, Holy Instants, last longer, and are stronger than they were a few months ago.

_/\_ Blessed.

In Love with All That Is … God.

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