ACIM Lesson 361 notes.

This Holy Instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.


“And if I need a world to help me, He will give it to me.”

We are never alone. (I am looking for a mantra to repeat, that I connect with, so I move toward knowing that HS is always with me.)

I am never alone, and I don’t have to solve everything by myself.

I read my notes from this lesson in 2022 and I found that I wanted the same thing as today. I want to know that HS is always present in my life.

“Be my request.”

Are You here?

My heart rises. A smile forms on my face. I feel the glow of Love.


This Holy Instant I would give to You.

The word given to me today is grievances.

My mind has been churning with them as I have a grumpy household. We’re not feeling well, colds, and are resisting acceptance of what is here today. (Also, grumpy cats who want to go out, but the weather is not the best.)

On CAC today, the message from the community was of a person whose family lived such that HS was always present. Grandma would tell the kids to ask HS for help. I want that.

I want to be in my household knowing there is a special presence there, so I manage my mind better out of respect (which I should just do for the humans here as well!)

I want to be at ease speaking of the Holy Spirit to my family.

I stop the blame game. I forgive myself. No more grievances.

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