ACIM Lesson 355 notes.

There is no end to all the peace and joy, and all the miracles that I will give, when I accept God’s word. Why not today?


“It is You I choose, and my identity along with You.”

Holy child of God.

As this second year of study comes to a close, on thing I expected, which didn’t happen, was that I thought there was a long series of lessons telling me I’m the Holy Child of God. So now I think that this was an impactful lesson for me in 2022.

In 2023, does this mean I know this now?

I still get myself worked up in worries and fear, but I can find peace and feel my inner joy.

Holy Child of God, are you present?

Oh, yes!


Why not?

I finished reading Michael Singer’s latest book, ‘Living Untethered’, last night. The last two chapters were so moving; the flow of Love within me was wonderful. (His description of releasing into Christ is just what I was seeking. 😊)

Other synchronicities have been grabbing my notice to confirm I’m where I should be.

As I read the part of the lesson that spoke of reaching my hand for my treasure, my hand wanted only You Lord, Christ Jesus. (Weepy.)

Then the blessing came in the words …

“It is You I choose, and my Identity along with You.”

I feel so loved … and known. Holy child of God.

Blessings on the world this winter solstice. Let there be light!

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