ACIM Lesson 352 notes.

Judgement and Love are opposites. From one come all the sorrows of the world. But from the other comes the peace of God Himself.


As I read the first line of the lesson title, I understood it immediately.

“Judgement and Love are opposites.”

Love is that flowing river of loving energy poured toward us and judgement is the block we create to resist the flow. Nothing can truly stop the flow of Love, or, ‘poof!’, this world would disappear. So, in my experience, they truly are opposites. It’s about how it feels to me.

Love flowing brings to my awareness gratitude for God’s gifts of love, light, peace, truth, and joy. The blocks my judgements form have me experience separation, sorrow, and fear.

“I believe resilience is the secular word for faith – the ability to trust and let go.” ~ Richard Rohr


“For I would Love my own Identity, and find in it the memory of You.”

Oh, how beautiful it is to look within and find You there, Lord.

I go within and see many things. Images tell me stories about myself, and I learn and grow.

I feel you there. My body vibrates as the flow of Your Love increases. You are with me, always.

Thank you, beloved Parent. I am filled with gratitude.

“Father, I would hear Your voice and find Your peace today.”

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