ACIM Lesson 348 notes.

I have no cause for anger or for fear, for You surround me. And in every need that I perceive, Your grace suffices me.


“Surrounding me in everlasting Love. I have no cause for anything except the perfect peace and joy I share with You.”

I realized this morning that I had let my feeling of being blessed go, and with-it gratitude. I was thinking of meeting over the holiday with old work friends and how to update them on the last few years of my life. Had I struggled? Had I been depressed? I suddenly recalled that I had moved past that in a miraculous way … an undoing and a calling. The feeling of blessedness came rushing back in.

Why does it seem that there has to be a story of ‘woe’ to tell? Is this just me or does my society all do this? To my spiritual friends I could call it ‘time in the wilderness’ or a time for ‘undoing’. With them I would be understood.

Dear Lord, can we extend this perfect peace we have together to include my relationships? I think I think too much, make interactions more confusing and complicated. Please expand the grace field so I notice it when I go out into the world.


“Father, let me remember You are here.”

I have no cause for the scary ideas I create and the limits I put on myself. I can be expansive without fear of rejections. I want connection to my brethren, but I cannot put their judgement above Yours.

You are here with me. I listen for Your will to guide me.

Help me to walk around the limits I set on myself.

I wish to shine!

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