ACIM Lesson 344 notes.

Today I learn the law of Love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.


“Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heaven’s treasures.”

The greatest wealth I can experience is the return of loving-kindness that I give to another. My forgiveness puts Love into flow so it will return to me as ‘Heaven’s treasure’.

Lesson 138 reminds me, “In this world Heaven is a choice”. So Heaven, and the treasure I build through Love, is here if I choose to accept these gifts into my life.

This is what I desire, to Love well.


“Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heaven’s treasures which alone are real. Thus is the law of Love fulfilled.”

There is no blame.

I had a bad experience last evening. I was in the emergency room of the hospital with my mom. Things did not go as well as I prayed for and expected. I could have been kinder to Mom. I stayed with her through the long hours wanting to keep her peaceful and to aid the staff in not having to monitor another dementia patient.

I don’t like how I feel physically today … tired.

I don’t like my emotions toward mom … regret.

I don’t like how my intellect wants to problem solve, point fingers, to try to keep it from ever happening again. It wants to put blame on someone, accuse, try to shame, and take a victim’s stance.

Is this how the ego tries to protect us?! It makes being a victim its tool!

(My mind just brought forward teachings by Caroline Myss and Michael Singer that confirm how we choose victim-ness as a means of protection.)

To release this, I bring to my reflection the question, “why do I need protection?” It was a difficult experience that is now over.

I forgive myself. I did my best with good intent.

Lord, let me do better next time. I forgive all others who did the best they could. I send love and forgiveness to Mom who did really well showing her heart while dealing with a malfunctioning brain.

I see the treasure, Lord. Thank you.

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