ACIM Lesson 343 notes.

I am not asked to make a sacrifice to find the mercy and peace of God.


“Salvation has no cost. It is a gift that must be freely given and received.”

Thank you. I’m feeling the peace of God this morning. And I can see some ways in this past week that I shared it – feeling blessed!

Your miracles, Lord/Love, alter my world to one full of such beauty.


“Your son can make no sacrifice, for he must be complete, having the function of completing You.”

Am I complete?

I sense ‘no’.

I’m wobbling.

I feel resistance when I think of going out in the world, I feel no inspiration when I think about places to join or people to visit. I know my contemplative work is good, but is it all that I am meant to be doing right now? [Yes.]

All my adult life, my self-esteem came from what I did. Is this why I push myself to be out doing?

[There’s more to it. You need to claim yourself as whole as you are, wonderful in every way, not lacking because you stay home. Glory is within everyone as they are. See it in others. See it in yourself.]

Thank you, Lord, for my blessings.

Thank you for the choice to be home or out in the world, many of Your children don’t have this choice and yet I would not deny them Your light shining within. All is possible.

I am here. What would you have me be? <3

(Hollie’s notes have brought me the thought that this time at home is a gift. I feel Love flow through my field.)

[] denotes answer from HS.

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