ACIM Lesson 339 notes.

I will receive whatever I request.


“Let us resolve today to ask for what we really want.”

I want peace, but not just for me but for everyone I encounter (and the world). I want ease, also for everyone else.

Can the world function with a population at ease?

I think of chimpanzees in community. They live at ease. When there is dispute, they yell and scream. They can chase others away, but they seem to settle back into everyday life without reliving the stress. Therefore, I stick with my request for ease for others.

I want to feel Love flow from me to others and back again. I want to live in the flow of Love. I want that flowing Love to originate with You, Great Love.

I am a cell in Your body, so I want to feel it each day — so much so that my desire is to spread it around this world. <3

“What does Love want for me?” ~ Hollie Holden


“Father, this is your day.”

The lesson says that we can turn pleasure into pain as well as make joy painful. We are so confused.

Richard Rohr shared this morning on ‘evolutionary thinking’. He says its ‘the core concept of faith, where we trust that God alone steers the mysterious Universe, where there is clearly much hidden from us.’ Richard adds that evolutionary thinking is about the ride, not the destination, where we are always moving somewhere better.

“Just another way to describe faith.” ~ RR

Faith in God. Trust in God.

Everyday I see our consciousness expanding. Competition is falling away to be replaced by cooperation and compassion.

All things grow … evolve.

I trust in God’s plan.

I request the most benevolent outcome. _/\_

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