ACIM Lesson 338 notes.

I am affected only by my thoughts.


“The thought You gave me promises to lead me home.”

The thought, given from God, is sinlessness, eternal innocence, that I am the Holy Child of God. Also in this lesson is a simplified understanding of salvation.

The definition of salvation is ‘Home’.


My sibling shared a story of helping homeless people. This reminded me, last month a man on the street in our local shopping district asked me for money. I immediately responded ‘no’, but seconds later my ‘second thought’ said ‘why not?’ I turned to make the offer and he was a distance up the street from me. I feel regret about the experience.

I have been into studying the Enneagram lately and see my sibling as a different ennea type. I am a type 1. This morning I am wondering if people have different initial reactions, than me. With ennea type 1 having judgment as a key trait, perhaps not everyone would have rejected the request for money as quickly as I did – I’m really fast with the good-bad assessments. Perhaps not all ennea types need the ‘second thought’ to get the heart to speak.

In Hollie’s notes she spoke of us holding a knife. For me this means that my quick judgements are ready to defend … telling the world, ‘stay back!’

My prayer, Father, is to open my hands to release hold on the knife.

I am safe in you.

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