ACIM Lesson 334 notes.

Today I claim the gifts forgiveness give.


“I will not wait another day to find the treasure that my Father offers me.”

Welcome. I open the door. There You stand with Your gifts in baskets laid at my threshold.
Will You not come in? He smiles as we both recognize the ease with which I asked.
Not today for the world is in need.
Please give me a moment more to stand with you; a few breaths, sharing His light and peace.
I bend over to gather the baskets into my arms. I am filled as I close the door once again.
Your treasures are mine. How shall I display them in this life?
Open my heart to shine my light, our light, onto the world in need.
Light of the World, by Holman Hunt.


“I will not wait another day to find the treasures that my Father offers me.”

I’m still basking in the glow of the lessons and declarations of gratitude from the 11-24 webinar (Thanksgiving Day). So many gifts were given then are now a treasure granted to me.

The gifts of forgiveness are many: clarity, healing, feeling love flow, connection to others, nearness to God, gratitude, brightness, wisdom.

This list shows me that forgiveness heals all parts of us: body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

I choose the peace of God today.

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