ACIM Lesson 333 notes.

Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.


“Father, forgiveness is the light You chose to shine away all conflict and all doubt, and light the way for our return to You.”

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.” ~ W.II.1.1.1

How can I see this differently to resolve conflict? This is the time to open hearts and minds, to try to understand those that we are in conflict with. They are just holding onto fear, same as ourselves. They’ve just chosen different thoughts and solutions, to us, to protect themselves from what they fear.

We’re all hurting. Pain so great it flows outward to hurt others.


“No light but this can save the world.”


“Conflict must be resolved. It cannot be evaded …”

This opening statement to the lesson made me worry – I don’t like confrontation. I like not taking outside troubles into my life.

As I read on, my second thought brought me peace … forgiveness.

Tricia, don’t take in outside conflicts (or drama) if they are not yours. But, when the trouble is within my body, mind, spirit, or emotions, then bring the tools of forgiveness to it.


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