ACIM Lesson 332 notes.

Fear binds the world. Forgiveness sets it free.


“And we would not remain prisoners, while You are holding freedom out to us.”

I am sought. I see Your hand reaching out to me. I have thrashed and struggled for eons in the river of Your Love, unable to notice what holds me. You see me and, today, I see You. I accept Your hand. Correct my path, Great Love. Straighten my path and fix my rudder to go with the flow of Your Will for my life.

I forgive myself for its misguided efforts. I see more now so I can do better.

God for me, wanting me, seeing me.


“Truth undoes its (ego’s) evil dreams by shining them away.”

My CAC reading is on my mind … Father Richard spoke of how both death and resurrection are true, that we must accept both for soul transformation.

In our culture we like to think things can never change (his article speaks of the possible dying of religion). This made me feel bad, fearful of the low times. I think of one view of reality like a wave, bad and good times on a horizontal axis. When it’s bad the message is, ‘suck it up an accept’.

But I had the ‘second thought’ … a different perspective.

Life is cycles, like the breath. Neither the in-breath or out-breath is bad or good. I heard say that life cycles are a vertical spiral, crossing on an axis of energy, yin-yang, (+&-), dark & light. Neither needs to be labeled as good or bad. And we are progressing upward!

I have heard spiritual teachers speak of getting off the horizontal axis and onto the vertical axis.

All things are for my growth!

Knowing this allows me to see the dark times differently, to release fear, uncover truth, and find forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord, for these lovely days.

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