ACIM Lesson 329 notes.

I have already chosen what You will.


“And this I chose in my creation, where my will became forever one with Yours.”

Today is another lesson to help my understanding of surrender. It has made me happy to understand surrender as my choice to join in with the flow of God’s plan.

“Yet what I am in truth is but Your Will, extended and extending.”

I think I am experiencing life, feeling my emotions that tell me if I am in the flow or resisting. This quote from the lesson tells to me that there is another layer. For me this means that all my feeling and choosing is planned – it the means God has for ‘extending’ us, life, consciousness.

He/She is a smart One, our God; always present no matter how much we think we have a handle on this.


“I am safe, untroubled and serene, in endless joy, because it is Your will that it be so.”

This lesson expands the gratitude that has been building this week of Thanksgiving and my birthday. A lovely holiday meal yesterday after a good visit with Mom, seeing my adult kids with their partners, as well as getting my lovely home ready to share in a birthday celebration.

I am extremely grateful for a wonderful meditation this morning that brought my heart center as primary to my being. Love!

Father, I am grateful that my will is Yours. I have found Your peace in my heart.

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