ACIM Lesson 327 notes.

I need but call and You will answer me.


I noticed that in this lesson, ‘faith’ is mentioned. I don’t think that faith is spoken of much in the Course. I take notice of lessons on ‘trust in God’ as this is something I blocked in my past. (I still forget regularly to trust God.) I reflected to see if there is a difference between the meaning of faith and trust in God. There seems to be no difference that I can sense. Therefore, my definition of faith means, I trust in God in all things.

This lesson calls us to test God out, to see that He/She is true to Their promises.

“I thank You that Your promises will never fail in my experience”

I have had experiences of God’s promise coming to pass so that my faith is strong. Recent lessons on surrender, choosing God’s way are lightening and opening me.

This Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for my realization of the world of a Loving God.


Help. I want the certainty of surety that Your abiding Love is here with me. (Feeling it!)

Faith becomes knowing … being always in the position of God’s Love flowing through body, mind, and spirit of this one … Tricia.

Thank you.

I am loved.

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