ACIM Lesson 325 notes.

All things I think I see reflect ideas.


“What I see reflects a process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what I want.”

This is a deep lesson which describes the processes of our mind to manipulate our world, all to try to make true an idea that we have had.

My thoughts go to the experiences I had with my mother’s passing and funeral. This time reinforced for me the blessings in letting go, being patient (and aware), to see how God’s way will unfold.

I suppose we should have our wants and desires to initiate events in our life. From there, we should be patient and watch with wonder.


“Let me behold what only Yours (ideas) reflect, for Yours and Yours alone establish truth.”

I wish others could know this lesson and stop putting negativity in their lives and then out into the world. I was just thinking of how P curses when he gets frustrated. This bothers me while he believes this is OK.

Is this always negative?

My mind takes me to the thought of geese who may battle over territory then, when they separate, they shake off the stress.

Perhaps it is about intention …

If someone curses in frustration with just the intention of letting off some steam, I can see how this is not a negative creation act. My thoughts, as observer, probably create more of a negative field.

I am the one judging.

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