ACIM Lesson 323 notes.

I gladly make the ‘sacrifice’ of fear.


“And we are at peace again, for fear has gone and only love remains.”

I felt good and at ease with the request to release fear. I had a vision in meditation this morning in which I released fear, so my heart was full as I began this lesson. My good feeling remained for my reading of half the lesson but then the thoughts of the people in the Israel and Palestine war came to mind. It is easy for me here in this quiet sunshiny place to find my peace and release fear.

I just heard, ‘there is good fear’.

For me, this means the fear that has you take action to find safety is good. The fear that the Course typically references is the fear that we create in our minds by the false ways we choose to see the world. The healing I bring to myself improves the health of the world.


I’ll give fear up, as I mostly have. Big scary possibilities the media puts on us, I can brush aside knowing there are many more positive possibilities. Fear of losing loved ones, I can usually let go knowing the afterlife can be a wonderful place of our making. Worrying is my problem.

I get down and anxious when I don’t have a plan for something. Or I wonder if others are keeping to my plan.

Fear of death – no problem.

Fear of change or disturbance of my comfort … ehh. I’m not sure how to let this go.

Help! (I feel surrounded by light, my heart swells.)

I just had a thought. I believe I can only have/feel this love connection to God when I am home in my room where it is quiet. I have little experience of feeling God’s Love when out in the world doing, therefore I am protective of my quiet time.

My prayer:

Dear Lord, send me on a path of purpose that helps the world and allows me to feel your love in my actions.


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