ACIM Lesson 322 notes.

I can give up but what was never real.


“As You created me, I can give up nothing You gave me.”

“I sacrifice illusions, nothing more.”

I don’t feel there is much to say about this lesson, it seems quite clear. It reminds me that there is no loss in letting go of things (and thoughts) of this world. It is all temporary nonsense.

Like a toddler on the playground, there are things that catch our eye, experiences to thrill us, and interactions with others that spark our emotions. When we have had our fill, we turn to Mom who gathers us into her arms for Love, comfort, and the trip home.


“What You did not give has no reality.”

My hope is that this quote will help me to see things differently.

This morning as I read through my various email newsletters, on subjects of health and spirituality, they all left me feeling bad about this world that we live in. Even my CAC daily reflection focused on the words of the Old Testament prophets, words of a transformed future. This says to me that for thousands of years we have seen the possibility of a world more real (closer to using the gifts of Love God gives to each of us).

Where is it?  Do I just give up?

Be in the world, but not of this world.  (This quote just came into my mind.)

My thoughts are going toward ‘hiding away.’ The quote says to me to not hide my light, to be in the world as a Holy Child of God.

I am truly blessed.

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