ACIM Lesson 319 notes.

I came for the salvation of the world.


“It is the will of God I learn that what one gains is given to all.”Love is all there is. This is the reality to bloom within me so it can spread across the world. No more war!I hear Your promise, Dear Lord, so I expect to see it any day now. I know it will take thoughts and solutions different to those old ones we have relied upon. But this change is here within some of us so my faith remains strong that it will expand into the majority of the body of humanity.Change is coming. Let it be today.


I strive. I seek. There is something that I want that this lesson declares for me.

I want to do well for others in the world. I want to be kind to those I meet and to love well the people closest to me.

I strive to gain light and love in my soul as well as the soul of humanity.

“What one gains is given to all.”


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