ACIM Lesson 316 notes.

All gifts I give my brothers are my own.


“My treasure house is full, and angels watch its open doors that not one gift is lost, and only more are added.”

I trust You, Great Love, my God. What You promise is mine in any moment I choose to reconnect with the Love that permeates my life.

I am grateful. I know that I am blessed. I am in receipt of the gifts You have provided for me to share.

Please provide Your inspiration to move me to action, as You would have me do.


“My treasure house is full.”

I’ve done some very good inner work this month. Last evening, I was listening to an interview discussing the evolution of human consciousness. They described the Universe as holographic and fractal, saying therefore, that the best we should do is to do our inner work to re resolve (alchemize) our shadow. This serves the Whole to resolve dark with light … forgiveness.

As I read the lesson, I brought this thought to a more personal level. I prayed for my inner work to bring light (gifts) to my brothers and sisters. These are my gifts. I am pleased, and blessed, to share them.

The light in me honors the light in you … namaste’.

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