ACIM Lesson 310 notes.

In fearlessness and Love I spend today.


“This day will be Your sweet reminder to remember You … the sign Your grace has come to me.”

My seminary studies this past month have solidified in me my ACIM practice as well as some personal beliefs.

In my blog post yesterday, reflecting on Magic versus Miracles, my faith in miracles grew as I saw that being in a natural field of grace is the place where miracles naturally exist.

I appreciate that it takes fearlessness to let go and let God’s way be. And yet, it is only natural!

“We’re all just varying degrees of fallible and unworthy, but when we surrender to that reality/identity/knowing, the fountain of grace begins to flow. We stop seeking our own worthiness and we begin to know the gift of God. We begin to realize that it’s all gift, and it’s all free, and we already have it, and all we can do is learn to enjoy it. That changes everything.” ~ Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, 11-6-2023.


I have welcomed Love into my heart …

It took some effort this morning. I read the lesson several times, put my hands on the book, finally I breathed through each sentence and the words made it past my mind to my heart and body.

“We are restored to peace and holiness.”

My life is so easy now and yet I find myself anxious and fearful over the most minor things. I have been blessed to have my ACIM lessons to bring me back from the nonsense.

Life is good. All is well. And … I am a holy child of God!

So blessed!!!

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