ACIM Lesson 306 notes.

The gift of Christ is all I seek today.


As I began this lesson, from the title I was hopeful that maybe I’d be told of a new gift other than Christ vision. I’m still waiting on that one so, perhaps, feeling a bit discouraged this morning.

“What but Christ’s vision would I use today?”

What indeed?! The lesson is telling me that the world I live in is all the result of how I perceive the world. It is so important how I see.

It will come.


“… restored to love and holiness and peace.”

As I read the lesson I was reminded of the Prodigal Son, the part of the story where the son returns, and the Father lovingly welcomes him. For the son to receive the Father’s embrace was unexpected … Love.

I see the Father throwing his coat over the son … holiness.

I feel the son take a deep breath, feel the feeling of home, as tears come to his eyes … peace.

What a lovely reflection. Thank you, Jesus, for this story that keeps giving.

Today I am with my Father. Today I am the Christ child. _/\_

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