ACIM Lesson 303 notes.

The holy Christ is born in me today.


I found this lesson confusing at first as it implied Christ in me was only beginning. I returned to Part II, Chapter 6, ‘What is Christ?’ for re-assurance that Christ in me is what I thought … always and eternal.

“Let Christ be welcome where He is at home.”

Ok, I am just being reminded that Christ is in me.

“He has not left his holy home, nor lost the innocence in which He was created.” ~ W.II.6..4

The prayer section of this lesson is not for me. There is not an ‘evil self’ that I made … misguided, yes. (Perhaps the Course defines ‘evil’ different to what I think.) But also, the words of the prayer speak to me as if Christ is separate from me.

Instead, my thoughts go to a flower blossom who is growing toward its blooming and expression of her Christ within.


This is a fact!

(I blogged about the change in me this day.)

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