ACIM Lesson 302 notes.

Where darkness was, I look upon the light.


“Now we see that darkness is our own imagining, and light is there for us to look upon.”

I am alive – the light is here. In death it moves to another state of being … or place.

Am I ready to shine?

Why does our growth from childhood to adulthood involve hiding our light?


Parents and community put in rules (the programming) to help the child fit in and be safe, but these then become the standards the child judges themselves against to inflict pain on themselves.

“It just doesn’t matter!” (Thinking of ‘Meatballs’, an old ‘80s kid movie).

Self-forgiveness, open-heartedness, mindfulness, compassion should be spoken of and modeled for the child.

I suppose what I am writing here is a wish that humans do not go into the darkness. Wishful thinking … idealistic … a waste of time perhaps. It is still my desire.

“Where darkness was I look upon the light.”


“Fear must disappear when love has come.”

I question my progress toward You, God. There are many things I feel I’ve been aware of for a while, and still, I find myself lacking in loving well.

Walk with me Lord. Take my hand to assist me in staying on course to the Love that you intend for my life.


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