ACIM Lesson 301 notes.

And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.


It is my judgements that cause me to weep.

“Father, I will not judge Your world today.”

This is the ‘Second Coming of Christ’, my revealing of my Christ light within – the clarity of my vision to see the light of Love in all things without burdening them with my thoughts. Allowing things to be as they are and not what I expect them to be.

“God’s world is happy.”

“We wept because we did not understand.”


“Father, I will not judge your world today.”

I think about stopping my judgement of others, but I’ve not considered my judgement of God’s world. Is the world I see God’s world or is it something else? Perhaps I don’t see God’s world just as I miss seeing God’s son as the light within.

I don’t think I can see Your world, but I can know it is there behind all this fluff. I can ask to see past the fluff to forgive and know the peaceful reality our Father holds open for us.

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