ACIM Lesson 298 notes.

I love you, Father, and I love your son.


“I accept instead what God establishes as mine … sure that I go through fear to meet my Love.”

Oh! The ‘Son’ is me! I thought, at first, the lesson was about loving others.

Do I love myself? My heart warms and I feel a ‘Yes!’.

Last weekend, for Mom’s funeral and its preparations, I was in gratitude feeling blessed and at peace. A field of Love surrounded me (and my whole family I believe). Therefore, the fear of action and service just went away. I love that me, who is the true authentic me.


You are beside me. Certain is your way.”

Loving. <3



(I’m allowing thoughts to enter my mind from my heart.)

Love is all there is, so I wish to flow within it. And to share it.

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