ACIM Lesson 297 notes.

Forgiveness is the only gift I give.


“… because it is the only gift I want.”

Is this true?

I want Love, connection to Source and to others. Isn’t love enough? Isn’t God always loving me like the father in the Prodigal Son?

It’s my blocks that keep me away. Is it forgiveness that resolves all of the separation?

We learned in Part II, Chapter 1. ‘What is Forgiveness?’ that forgiveness sees that there was no sin (a false idea about someone) but only the innocent True Self. Forgiveness is the Father waiting with open arms until we children, who have missed the mark, return to who we were meant to be.

So, if forgiveness is the only gift I give it means I am one who waits, arms open and vision clear, for my siblings to be ready to return to Love.


“Everything I give, I give myself.”

I’m still thinking of the self-righteous zealot mother. My mind thinks it can figure out ‘the best’ way to change the woman and bring peace to all. I know the lessons of surrender, be present, ask for grace and help, setting an intention, but still I allow my mind to spin in the unreal world it creates separated from God in time and intention.

Please help me bring forgiveness to this thing so I can learn. (I clearly see the mother acting out of fear but stating that her actions are to protect others. The other person, the father of another child, I expect that deep down his actions are also out of fear, but I don’t see it as I agree with him. I sense fear of change – fear that life will not go back to how we expect it to be. Would God just want his two children to love and support one another? Can we get there without accepting each other’s point of view?)

Forgiveness … a big stretch for humanity, but necessary.

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