ACIM Lesson 294 notes.

My body is a wholly neutral thing.


I turned to Hollie’s notes for better understanding this morning so I send gratitude to her. Here is what I understood:

The body is a communication device, a tool, so it is neutral. Neutral does not mean passive or not important, or low priority. Being in a neutral body is to be peaceful and in service to this life.

We fulfill our purpose in our body by expressing love.


I’ve come to recognize that my body has its own intelligence, it knows things about me that I have chosen not to see. Perhaps it is just storing information. But still, I feel it is worthy of appreciation and honoring.

This is like our planet Earth. We realize more and more how important it is to honor Mother Earth instead of just assuming she is there to take from with no consideration of consequences.

In honoring our physical home (Earth and body), there are phrases in this lesson that I find a bit inconsiderate, i.e. “unneeded and cast off.”

The words feel like they try to not be negative as they deliver the message of the body serving a function – that of not being our identity.

Yes, I can see the body as a neutral thing, but I love it. It is a great gift to me, something I created with Mother Earth and God.

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