ACIM Lesson 284 notes.

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.

10-11-2023 (late night)

Mom passed today. I find so much truth in the worlds of this lesson.

The circumstances of Mom’s passing have forced me to widen my perspective as time and time again, throughout this experience, I have come to see that I know nothing and can control nothing.

Feeling so blessed and grateful that God has provided the most benevolent outcome (MBO) in the ‘perfect timing’ (as promised by HS).

Will I always be able to stand in this place of peace during a painful experience? I don’t know. But I have been stretched open more.

“I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.”

In the last week, I could truly see the anxiety that my hurtful thoughts brought to my body. And, I felt quick release of the tension and pain when I chose God’s peace and joy within me, and released the events to God’s plan.

Bye Mom … don’t go too far.


“Let me not fail to trust in you today.”

My thoughts go again to Richard Rohr’s core principle of ‘second gaze’. After reading, I choose to look with different eyes and find another way to see my brother and myself.

Yesterday my chiropractor used kinesiology to bring forward a block in my energy and body. It showed me something I am hurting over, a belief, that is hurting my body. Now that belief is in my awareness I get to choose. Is it true or is it false?

I know it to be false but still I find it hard to shift due to letting go of what I want and my expectations.

Dear Lord, I choose to release my own beliefs and accept your joyous gifts.

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