ACIM Lesson 283 notes.

My true identity abides in You.


“Now are we one in shared identity, with God our Father as our only Source, and everything created part of us.”

“My true identity abides in you.”

In my notes, reflection, yesterday on Lesson 282, I came to greater understanding of what this lesson today teaches. We are all together, part of the system, the dynamic of God.

I am Love as God is Love, but not separate.

‘Created in His image’ has been misunderstood by me – I am not a separate being who looks like God. The thought of a hologram is truly helping here. God’s image expansive across all Creation and I form within it, containing all the features and properties of the Whole. Created with God. Created like God. Created a part of God.


My first reaction to this lesson is to block even trying to see myself as God when I just acknowledged that I am lacking in expressing love.

But something is tugging at me – the golden thread pulling me toward Source and a solution or new awareness. What Lord?

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