ACIM Lesson 280 notes.

What limits can I lay upon God’s son?


“Father [Mother], I lay no limits on the [child] You love and You created limitless.”

I am releasing the limits I have put upon myself by reminding myself regularly of the joy that is innate in my being.

I woke a bit anxious this morning. When I considered how to remedy it, I realized that peace was also innate within me.

I am as You created me – limitless.


“Whom God created limitless is free.”

Do I feel limitless? Have I ever felt limitless? I don’t think so.

My one peak experience was not as some have it, feeling as big as the Universe. My experience was about release, and  the instant feeling of the irony of this world of illusion.

This lesson tells me that somewhere buried below the layers of ‘me’, that I created, is a limitless me. I am meant to honor that part as I honor God. This feels right.

My thoughts then go to honor my brethren. <3

Help me to hold the awareness of this lesson. _/\_

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