ACIM Lesson 279 notes.

Creation’s freedom promises my own.


“Would You withhold the gifts Your gave to me?”

No. It is myself who blocks the gifts of Love within me, that created me.

Love = love, light, peace, truth, and joy.

I am on a path toward joy. I feel this holds a great key for me to unlock blocks I have created over my light.

I am only through the first chapter of the book ‘Joy is my Justice’ and things are changing within. The author asks ‘why bother with joy?’ Here are my responses so far:

  • It is part of the gift of Love from God therefore my identity as a holy child of God;
  • Joy is a part of me so should she not have a voice like my other parts (IFS model in mind);
  • My parents, grandparents, and ancestry have then their prayer and desires, through their suffering, for me to live in joy.

It is insane for me to block what is within me and continually flowing to me. I am free in my choice to accept the gift of joy.


Would you withhold the gifts you gave to me? No.

I am loved. I am love. I am loving.

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