ACIM Lesson 277 notes.

Let me not bind your son with laws I made.


I don’t know anything.

I am stressed today with concern for a loved one (not Mom). I can’t seem to stop my mind from spinning through all the ‘what if’ scenarios and possible conversations to have as though I can fix it.

I am binding myself greatly today. I am confused as to whether to stand back or say all the words in my mind. (I hear a strong NO from HS).

I turn back to the prayer from Lesson 275.

“Your healing voice protects all things today, and so I leave all things to You.”


I was just journaling about my resistance to loving and connecting with others. This lesson brings more clarity to this.

My resistance comes from thoughts that I create that bind me and those around me from being free in the flow of Love. My body has been bound by these beliefs of mine. My relationships have also been bound.

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