ACIM Lesson 272

How can illusions satisfy God’s son?


As I read the lesson title, I asked myself, ‘do we, God’s children, believe we can be satisfied?’ The following thoughts came: do we know what we want? Do we believe we deserve anything?

“Can illusions bring me happiness?”

This quote gave me clarity that we want happiness to be satisfied. That desire is innate in us all.

“Heaven can be chosen just as easily as hell.”

Heaven is always here. I get to choose. But I want to know how I came to block it. Why isn’t it here flowing it happy dance all through my energy field?

Because I must do everything my way! I can see that I am this way because of life circumstances, my personality type and life experiences. Most of this I did not choose. But, as an individual awareness, I am blessed with the gift of choice. I choose Love, connection, joining. I don’t want to believe I am out here on my own anymore.


Am I content with illusions? No. I like to be comfortable, so this is what I must stay aware of when choosing.

I desire to be connected to HS, God, Jesus, Love, and all its forms. But I also desire to be connected to other humans. I want companions who I can share my desire for God with, to seek together, to have uplifting conversations that bring more clarity and help to release the temptations of illusion … and comfort.

Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?

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