ACIM Lesson 266 notes.

My holy Self abides in you, God’s son.


“And in them [all Your Children] does Christ look back at me from my Self.”

I am seen. I wish to be seen.

This lesson says that others see me. And they, like me, are capable of seeing with Christ vision.

There are open hearts in this world. Hands open, to the service to the needy as Jesus asked of us. They are here for me if I get needy. I am not alone.

Do they struggle with fear like I do – wanting to do the right thing and serve others, but afraid it will be overwhelming?

Do my siblings strive each day to find love in their hearts, to stop judging, and change the way they see things to find compassion for others?


If so, this is a truly wonderful world.


“How many saviors God has given us.”

Lord, help me to look on others this way, as the eyes of Christ looking back at me.

Let my peers want to offer to me, your Love and Truth for my healing as much as I want to offer your blessings on them.

Please help me to be humble and to know to give way to Your way. Thank you.

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