ACIM Lesson 263 notes.

My holy vision sees all things as pure.


Great Love, “Your mind created all that is, Your spirit entered into it, Your Love gave life to it.”

“You blessed creation.”

In school, I am currently learning of Native American (NA) religions. In the homework I was doing last night, we were asked to comment on the way NA people see the interconnectedness of all things. My thoughts returned to the Course.

Here, within this lesson, is described holy vision, Christ vision, as the sane action when understanding that Great Love/Great Spirit created, and blessed, all of Creation.

My textbook uses the word ‘interrelationship’ to describe NA people’s vision of the world. This feels significant to me. I am not just connected to all things, but I am related to, in relationship with all things.

Great Love, help me to see the world in this way. _/\_


As I re-read the section lead, What is the body?, I got the feeling that the bulk of this book, ACIM, is all the negative of our human existence. I had a momentary though of walking away. Then I read the lesson and thought of the natural world around me.

“… the loveliness with which You blessed creation.”

Yes, I live in a beautiful world. I see it as all innocent, beauty, full of life and light. (Proof the creator is Love.)

I see the natural world as pure. Please Lord, help me to se the life and light in other people.

I am love.

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