ACIM Lesson 262 notes.

Let me perceive no differences today.


“For he is part of me and I of him, and we are part of You Who are our Source, eternally united in Your Love; eternally the holy Son of God.”

What is the Body? Part II, section 5, paragraph 4 tells us the body, which is separate, becomes holy when we use it to reach out to others.

“Now our Source is remembered.” ~Lesson 260

We are connected to everyone and everything. We are not separate as we like to presume as we identify with our bodies. To see our bodies as in service to our True Selves we can step toward connection to All That Is.

What is left in my awareness, once the body is put aside, to keep me thinking it is a separate consciousness from every other consciousness?

Last evening, I was listening to a podcast (Next Level Soul) in which James Van Praag, the medium, said that only 30% of our souls come down into the body. So, this tells me that 70% is out in the ether doing something else. I sense that this thought is opening a crack in my belief of separateness.

Is this greater part ‘a group’ consciousness?

Do I share my HS with everyone I meet?

The body (using muscle testing) says YES!


“Why should I give this one a thousand names, when only one suffices?”

Holy Child of God is me, others, and everything.

This lesson feels wonderful. I think I need to see my brother as myself, as the Holy Child. But today I feel that it is ‘everything’. All that I physically interact with is God’s child. It feels good to see things this way for some reason. There is an easing away from reclassifying myself or my brother to just a state of ‘Isness’ (specialness). God in everything just is, no work on my part to analyze and classify.

“Why should I see a thousand forms in what remains as one?”

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