ACIM Lesson 261 notes.

God is my refuge and security.


“I live in God. In Him I find my refuge and my strength … my identity … everlasting peace.”

Why do we ever leave?

This question formed as I thought of the Prodigal Son. Why leave the father who loves you?

Free will – it is a blessing and a curse. (To say good and bad would have been less dramatic so I should have used that. I like the bit of drama just now.)

Free will seems to be that God gave us a spark of individuality to have our own talents and purpose to help us feel fulfilled. We all seem to turn away from ‘refuge and security’ as young adults. We are driven to find our own life, and way of doing things. Some troubles, with struggle, turns us back toward safety and Love.

A few minutes ago, Earl was in a sound sleep on my desk, wrapped in my arms. The song title “Someone to Watch Over Me” came to mind. I thought of all the animal rescue videos where dogs and cats, when brought into a loving home, fall asleep for a couple of days. Maybe we all need those periods of being where we know there is someone there watching over us, keeping us safe, so we can let go to feel the ‘everlasting peace’ once again.

Am I truly meant to always be in the place of God’s safety?

‘To be in the world but not of the world.’ (This just popped into my mind.)

We are meant to be here experiencing, feeling, and acting. But our actions can be more productive, toward growth, if our minds remember we are safe in God’s Love.


“I live in God. In him I find my refuge and my strength.”

I am at peace today. I read announcements predicting doom and can question the accuracy. Does this person know better than God? Do they know of us co-creators finding refuge in God?

We are blessed to not know and to release to our Source.

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