ACIM Lesson 260 notes.

Let me remember God created me.


“I did not make myself.”

“I have not left my Source, remaining part of Who created me.”

Feeling very blessed this lovely Sunday morning. My cellphone is active as my family shares the news of the week, more blessings.

And my heart grows. And my light expands. My smile broadens. So much beauty as we all remember our identity. Holy Children of God.


“I am as God created me.”

I recall the phrases from past lessons, but have I learned? The phrase does not fill my day as it did when first taught.

But I’ve changed. I am more peaceful. I can see things from a neutral position or get there more quickly. The completed lessons are not fresh in my mind.

Lord, please help them to be deep within my being.

I am as God created me, a Holy Child of God.

God is Love, Lover, Beloved. I am love, lover, and beloved.

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