ACIM Lesson 258 notes.

Let me remember that my goal is God.


“What could we want but to remember You?”

… to remember our Self.

This lesson is sitting strongly in me as truth as I just finished reading an article about the NDE of Mellen-Thomas Benedict. He died of cancer but had the courage to, when approaching the light, to ask some BIG questions about human existence and the cosmos. In the ten-minute reading of the article, all of the information he shared about the answers he received was in line with my learning these past 10 years, as well as what I see that the Course teaches us about ourselves.

God is experiencing Itself through everything made manifest. It’s all God.

“God is our only goal, our only Love.”


This is an easy lesson …

A thought just popped in my mind. I saw myself promoting myself with words. Yes … my ego is still active.

The image reminded me that I think little of myself, so I use words to show that I am smarter than others to remedy my feelings of being less than. I thought that God was paramount in my mind, but I was shown that it is actually my view of myself as small (and the need to hide this … protect this).

My goal is God.

What is the pointless little goal that overshadows my behavior? Fear of ridicule … shame. (I feel a knot in my solar plexis.)

I need to look at shame. I know it has no power in the light. My goal is God.

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