ACIM Lesson 253 notes.

My Self is ruler of the Universe.


I am the creator of my world. For me, whose life is easy and blessed, this is easy to accept. I am somewhat peaceful, and my life is somewhat peaceful. I do not know of the minds of others who go through turbulent times. If everyone involved in a natural disaster somehow desiring that? It is difficult to think that this is true.

And, even in our lives of peace, there is still the natural changes of life and death. We don’t desire for loved ones to die but still it happens – if only to follow natural cycles and seasons.

We are able to choose how we react to the troubling times in our lives. Perhaps this is how we rule over the universe. And … this may affect what then comes next into our living experience.


I am feeling more comfortable with knowing I am the Holy Child of God. This lesson is way out there for me. I know that reference to ‘I’ and ‘self’ can be to various levels of my being and awareness, but the lesson does say …

‘even in this world, it is I who rule my destiny. What happens is what I desire. What does not occur is what I don not want to happen.’

I have pain in my head today, I don’t want that. I recently had energy healing from which I declared that I had received the gift of healing. Still the pain is back.

I’m here. I’m listening. Please tell me what this head issue is about.

And … please help me with this lesson. _/\_

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